8' Adapter Hose

8' Adapter Hose


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Save money on propane by using the 8' adapter hose to attach your GrillGun or Su-VGun to a 20 lb bottle.  Take advantage of lower cost and greater volume propane fuel tanks.


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It’s hard to describe how fun it is to operate a GrillGun and use it to start all types of fires. It is lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to use, plus it looks and sounds like a jet airplane.


Now you can wait for your friends to arrive before you start the grill, because whenever you want dinner, you just start the grill and your cooking in minutes instead of half an hour or more.

Taste and Health

The output from the GrillGun is 100% pure fire, no unburned propane fuel spraying on your meat or charcoal (torch taste). This makes for healthy, great tasting, hardwood charcoal grilling.


hilosophically, happiness comes from true friendships. GrillGuns are fun and facilitate friendships in backyard, lake or tailgate parties, camping, dinners for 2, or just by relieving stress.




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There has been a war waging for what seems like an eternity. That war of course is over what kind of grill you should use –

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There has been a war waging for what seems like an eternity. That war of course is over what kind of grill you should use –

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