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What are the benefits?

  • Fun – It’s hard to describe how fun it is to operate a GrillGun and use it to start all types of fires. It is lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to use, plus it looks and sounds like a jet air plane.
  • Time – Now you can wait for your friends to arrive before you start the grill, because whenever you want dinner, you just start the grill and your cooking in minutes instead of half. Not only is it the fastest way to grill over charcoal. but it is even faster than cooking on a gas grill.
  • Taste and Health – The output from the GrillGun is fully consumed propane gas, in other words, pure fire, pure heat, no hydrocarbon contamination from any petrochemicals poured onto your charcoal or emitted from your gas grill burners. This makes for the best tasting, most healthy, most beneficial hardwood charcoal grilling available.
  • Happiness – Philosophically, happiness comes from true friendships. The GrillGun facilitates friendships on a multitude of levels — visiting with friends on the porch while the grill is sizzling and the kids are playing, camping at the lake with your children and grand-children, tailgating with college friends before the big game, the romantic dinner for two under the moon-lit night sky — and all of these made painless and easy with the amazing GrillGun. And even if it’s just you and you’re a single person… using this fun tool just relieves your stress from the day and makes you feel good.

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The GrillGun:
Radical, Awesome, Beautiful

The Perfect Torch for charcoal grilling and outdoor use.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

The GrillGun: A high-power torch, designed to light your Charcoal Grill… NOW!

Never before has lighting your outdoor charcoal grill, chiminea, fireplace, campfire, or anything else been so much fun, so cool, and so fast. The GrillGun lights your grill in just a couple of minutes, while being entirely portable, easy to use, with a great feel in the hand – all this while looking awesome.

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