What all’s Available

What's In The Box

  1. Either a GrillGun or a Su-VGun – The GrillGun: a very powerful torch that will light your charcoal grill in 60 seconds or a Su-VGun: A more controlled shorter version with a focused flame suitable for using either indoors or outdoors.  It is a smaller less powerful, but equally hot flame, designed to be much more manageable in close quarters searing meat (cooked Sous Vide) on a baking stone placed on either a stainless or stone counter top in the kitchen.
  2. Bottle Stand – Depending on the package you purchase you can get it with a convenient way to rack the GrillGun when not in use. The Bottle Stand fits 3″ and 4″ diameter standard 1lb propane bottles. If you purchase the GrillGun without the Bottle Stand, it can be purchased separately at GrillBlazer.com (NOTE: None of the propane bottles shown are not included in with the GrillGun.  They are merely shown for reference).
  3.  8′ Hose to connect to propane tank – Sold separately, the 8′ hose is great if you don’t need portability because you keep the GrillGun by your grill where you use it, or you just want to save money.  Connect your GrillGun via this hose to a large propane 20lb or 30lb propane tank instead of a 1lb bottle for lower cost fuel, and 20 or 30 times the propane supply and run time.

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