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The GrillGun

The GrillGun: A high-power torch, designed to light your Charcoal Grill… NOW!

Never before has lighting your outdoor charcoal grill, chiminea, fireplace, campfire, or anything else been so much fun, so cool, and so fast.  The GrillGun lights your grill in just a couple of minutes, while being entirely portable, easy to use, with a great feel in the hand – all this while looking awesome. 

GrillGun KickStarter Intro

GrillGun Fire

Flaming Charcoal

The Su VGun

SuVGun KickStarter Intro (photo)

SuVGun Fire

The Su-V Gun it perfect for seriously searing meat cooked “Sous Vide”, or caramelizing a whole lot of “Creme Brulee”. The shorter hot flame will enable you to easily focus the flame for the perfect sear.Searing Meat

The Su-V Gun will deliver focused flame directly where it needs to be when searing meat.



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