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If you just landed here from a dealer advertisement and aren't familiar with GrillBlazer GrillGuns then please go straight to our Consumer home page ( and learn all about them. Then click on the "DEALER" tab and come right back to see about joining the team!!

If you are already sold on the idea of selling GrillGuns, then please introduce yourselves to us and and we will contact you to discuss bringing you on board. We love to do business with GrillGun enthusiasts!!

Bob Healey
Founder - GrillBlazer

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Why become a Dealer? 

1. GrillGuns are JUST the "Coolest" (or more accurately Hottest) torches ever!!!
      *A better question might be: "Who wouldn't want to be a dealer??
      *Outstanding Product, Outstanding Company, Success Driven, Proven History
      * Solid MSRP with discounted volume based tiered pricing for resale purchases
2. Great fun to Demo, Customers will LOVE them and you have to work at it to keep them on your shelves.
      *Draws immediate attention, very effective and powerful   
      *Great add-on product for your store    
      *Best way to fire-up the coals quickly or amazingly sear a steak on a pellet grill
3. Great Dealer support with a dedicated world class dealer relationship management 
      *Detailed knowledge and support
      *Marketing support
      *Quick turnaround on service for you and your customers 



"Customers can't stop raving about the GrillGun--it's built well, has an excellent grip and starting it up is a breeze." - Al from Eat More Vegans

"We have been selling the GrillGun and SuV-Gun for a few months now and our customers love it! GrillBlazer's customer service is awesome." - Leslie's Pool Supplies

"People love the versatility of the GrillGun and tell me about using it every time they come back in."  - Daryl Smith