Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All the answers to all your questions about safely operating a GrillGun or a Su-VGun: a high power torch for charcoal starting or searing meat

The #1 most frequently asked question:
Q – When I am trying to use my GrillGun or Su-VGun I only get a small flame (sort of like an oversized Bic lighter). Neither the knob nor the squeeze handle have any effect on the fuel flow.  Why does it sometimes work fine and other times just sort of turn way down and just have a small orange flame?
A – There is a safety “Check” valve built into the handle of the GrillGun and Su-VGun that when set will block most of the flow of propane into the torch.  In the event that it falls over, is dropped to the ground, is moved quickly or erratically (as in running), or is pointed in a manner that would let liquid propane from the attached bottle or hose into the torch, it will shut it down.  You will then need to turn off the torch, disconnect the fuel source, release the pressure in the torch (buy turning the knob or squeezing the handle) and then reconnect the fuel while holding the GrillGun and propane bottles, upright and vertical (so that liquid propane in the bottle cannot enter the GrillGun).  Read more in the instruction manual on page 16 and watch the supplemental videos to really understand this very important safety feature.

The #2 most frequently asked question:
Q – When I am trying to use my GrillGun or Su-VGun and I point it down into my charcoal grill it shuts off and I only get a small flame.
A – Read the #1 most frequently asked question above, the problem is the same.  When you are using a very full bottle of propane attached to the GrillGun or Su-VGun, you need to think of it as full of a liquid (liquid propane).  Just like when holding and moving about a full glass of water, it is easy to slosh or spill the water out of the glass.  The same is true for a very full canister propane.  Until the liquid propane level in the bottle has dropped about a half an inch inside the bottle, it can easily get into the connector and up into the torch where the safety check valve will close to prevent it from blowing through to the output.  When the fuel level in the bottle has dropped a little bit, you should be able to point the gun up or down to about a 60-70 degree angle.  The lower the level the steeper the angle.

The #3 most frequently asked question:
Q – How do I get to your videos so you can teach me to use this cool tool?
A – I’ve created a series of supplemental videos that will always be updated as new questions arise and people want to know new things.  See it them all at

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