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Supplemental Videos

Video Tutorials – Bob answering FAQs – Check them out!!! 


Why the GrillGun flame just has a low flame | GrillBlazer


How to Connect 20 Pound Propane Tank | GrillBlazer


How to Connect Propane to Su-VGun and GrillGun | GrillBlazer


Safety video | GrillBlazer


How to Set Up The Bottle Stand | GrillBlazer


How to Sear with the Grill Gun | GrillBlazer


How to Sear Sous Vide | GrillBlazer


How to Light Charcoal Grill | GrillBlazer


GrillGun / Su-VGun B Roll Highlights | GrillBlazer


Sous Vide – Burgers | GrillBlazer


Operating the GrillGun | GrillBlazer


How to service the GrillGun using the Service Kit | GrillBlazer


How oil gets into the adapter hose and how to clear it | GrillBlazer


Replacing a leaky main valve stem | GrillBlazer