Operating Instructions

How to Properly Operate the GrillGun


  1. Operate the GrillGun in a clear, open-air area where it is safe to operate a high temperature torch without burning down structures that you don’t intend to burn. Exercise caution and safety when using the GrillGun to light your desired fire.
  2. Turn the gas valve (red knob on top of the GrillGun) fully clockwise (to the right) to shut off the constant flow valve when connected to a fuel source. NOTE: Even if the gas valve is turned off, fuel will flow through the GrillGun if the handle trigger is squeezed.
  3. Hold the GrillGun in a manner so that you are not depressing the handle trigger lock or squeezing the handle trigger.
  4. Connect either a 1 lb propane bottle or the 8ft adapter hose to a freestanding propane tank.
  5. Turn on the tank’s propane fuel valve if you are connected to the tank through the 8’ adapter hose (be sure you are not squeezing the handle trigger).
  6. Barely turn on the GrillGun’s fuel valve (rotate counterclockwise, to the left). The flame may not light when you pull the trigger if you have the gas flow too high, so if the torch won’t light, turn down the gas flow rather than turning it up.
  7. Pull and release the finger trigger to ignite the fuel flow. The GrillGun should light and there should now be a small flame coming out of the fire bell.
  8. You can now adjust the gas valve to provide a higher flow of fuel or leave it set to a low flow of fuel and use the handle trigger for bursts of fire.
  9. Using the handle trigger will give you a burst of high velocity flame if you already have the torch lit with a low fuel flow.
    • To use the handle trigger:
      • Depress the handle trigger lock with your pinky finger to release the handle trigger, then
      • Squeeze the handle trigger to provide the desired intensity of flame. Note: The gas valve turned all the way up has the same fuel flow as the handle trigger fully squeezed.