Why, How, What, and Who…

Our Story


  • Because it’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen or experienced!
  • For a guy, it’s a plunge into a pool of pure testosterone!
  • It’s easy, safe and allows me to instantly enjoy good clean great tasting charcoal grilling without the 30 minute wait!
  • You just turn the knob, pull the trigger, light the charcoal… it’s great!
  • You’ll just want to own one, or you’ll never grill again!


<span>How</span> DOES IT WORK?
  • You get to light your charcoal fast… when you want it lit… RIGHT NOW!!
  • You’ll load charcoal into your grill and spread it out like you want it, light it, heat-up the grill, start cooking in just minutes.
  • You’ll get to cook on charcoal with no residual foul odor, taste or smell.
  • You’ll get to entertain your friends and family with how cool it is to start your grill and cook your food using a GrillGun


<span>What</span> IS A GRILLGUN?
  • Possibly the first tool you will ever have owned that you absolutely love to use.
  • A high power clean burning 400,000+ BTU torch that looks like a semi-automatic slide action pistol.
  • A torch that you’ll use to direct intense fire directly onto your charcoal, lighting it nearly instantly.
  • Something that will change your life, and eliminate all your complaints about charcoal grilling
  • A tool that simplifies outdoor grilling, cooking, and entertainment

Who is the Inventor?

Hi there, I am Bob Healey and I’m an engineer an entrepreneur and patriotic American through and through, and a renaissance man’s man who has developed the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, the first of a long line of torches that is and will be designed specifically for lighting charcoal grills, wood stoves, outdoor fireplaces, campfires, controlled pasture burns, outdoor trash incinerators and just about anything you can think of that you need a high power fire torch to solve your problem. I call it the GrillGun, and my company is called GrillBlazer / grillblazer.com.

You will not believe how quickly, easily, safely and effectively you can start your grill and how macho you will look while doing it. If you are like me, you’ll be cooking on your grill three minutes after you start. I’m including the time it takes to walk out to the grill, put charcoal in it, light it, heat it up, sterilize the grill grate, and put your food on to cook! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

This is where the tagline “Light your grill in 60 seconds”, comes from. Depending on how much charcoal you have and where you place in on the grill, your charcoal could be lit and ready to cook usually in less than 60 seconds Heating up the rest of the grill and flaming off the cooking grates are also something you will want to do to bring your outdoor grill up to cooking temperature. The GrillGun completely changes the dynamics of charcoal grilling from something that normally takes a long time to do, to a fun and exciting, fast new way to cook. No more foul taste from cooking on fires started with lighter fluid, self-starting charcoal briquettes soaked in lighter fuel, or just wasting time waiting on the charcoal chimney, or the hot air blow dryer to get the charcoal hot, and then to heat up the rest of the grill. Because of these well understood limitations, charcoal grilling takes half an hour or so after you began the process, to be able to grill your food. Using the GrillGun to light your grill is the closest thing to instant readiness that you’ve ever experienced… actually faster than a gas grill! In fact, I have spoken with gas grillers that said they will buy a GrillGun for use with their gas grills, to just get them hot and ready to cook much faster, and also because the GrillGun is just so cool. They would not only use it to flame up their grill grates and warm up the cooker before cooking, but while cooking they will braise their meat on the top side to sear in the juices on a rare piece of steak. (Shhh…I secretly think I’ll ultimately convert them all to charcoal grilling, but for now I’m glad they see the value of the GrillGun, even though they still want to cook over their gas flames.)

GrillGuns are 400,000+ BTU torches that look like pistols with a long torch barrel and fire bell. They operate on propane, either a portable 1lb bottle, or tethered to a 20lb propane tank with an 8-foot hose. Portability in a tool like this is essential, so that you can keep a GrillGun in your car trunk or with your outdoor supplies, ready for you to take to picnics, to the lake, camping, the park, tailgating, etc. Being able to connect to a 20 or 30 lb. propane tank is also a must so that you can have a seemingly endless supply of fuel for those activities that require an extensive use of propane, such as regular grilling or controlled pasture burning, or if you just want the economy of bulk propane rather than the higher cost of buying and disposing of, or refilling portable 1lb. bottles.

For fifteen years or so now I’ve been lighting my charcoal grills with ordinary weed torches many varieties are available from various retail and countless online outlets, but as effective as they are at starting fires the idea has never really caught on and the flame isn’t optimized for starting a charcoal grill. You can go to YouTube any time and see lots of people lighting grills with weed torches, but because of the type of torches that have been available to use, it has never become a “thing”. So, in December of 2018 I decided to do something about it and the GrillBlazer torch idea started taking shape. I researched existing weed torches and torches of every kind. I figured out the drawbacks of each of them, and how to build an attractive, reliable, robust, durable, high powered grill torch. I then did market analysis to determine just exactly what would appeal to manly men, die-hard seasoned outdoor grillers, or casual grillers or BBQ cookers of either sex. I then set out to design and manufacture a product that would really work, be reliable, start safely when you pulled the trigger, and have great reviews. At last, the GrillGun was born.

The GrillGun revolutionizes the torch and makes it a superior, robust, reliable, self-starting, portable, high power grill torch. So far, everyone that has seen it and used it has been absolutely blown away. So, I’ve named the company GrillBlazer (GrillBlazer.com) as an umbrella company for selling gun styled high powered torches that all fit nicely in the hand, are well balanced, comfortable to use and control, and look like recognizable, cool, classic, or futuristic handgun firearms.

While building a respected brand of high quality, high powered, compact, and portable grill, and fire lighting torches, I hope to build a loyal following of excited, GrillBlazer gun collectors who buy them for their practical use as well as for their aesthetic beauty. Maybe they will want to collect all the guns as I release them, like people collect guns.

In the future, when I see steak cook-offs at the lake, tailgating at football games, barbecue cook-offs, or just plain backyard grillers lighting up their grills, I want them all to be able to be excited about the ability to start cooking on a charcoal grill in 60 seconds and become loyal GrillBlazer enthusiasts. My goal is to make GrillGuns a staple in every appropriate supermarket, big-box, sporting goods, firearms, and hardware store across the land, and on various internet online outlets, including this website for sales directly to you.

I must move fast to make GrillGuns available for you to buy and to make you all happy with the products in order to be successful, As the developer I can do my part and with you as the buyer, we will be successful together if you have patience to grow with me.

I want to change charcoal grilling, tailgating, picnicking, or camping experience across the land. With your help we’ll make it… let’s toast to our success!

Bob (or GrillBob – Now Let’s go Grillin’)

Never before has lighting your charcoal been so fast and so fun!