How it Works


The GrillBlazer hand held torch referred to as a GrillGun is a reliable, durable, 400,000+ BTU torch that is designed to light fires very fast and easily. Charcoal can be lit quickly under the intense heat of the GrillGun torch.

While using the GrillGun to light the charcoal (or wood), you will also be able to warm up the grill, burn off the residual grease, dirt or grime left on the grill after the last time you used it, all in a matter of a couple of minutes rather than the typical 20 to 30 minutes it take to bring a typical grill up to the temperature needed to cook food.

To light charcoal with the GrillGun: light the torch, aim it at the charcoal and bathe the charcoal in the intense flame long enough for it to catch on fire. Individual charcoal pieces will light in mere seconds, so the process is to start lighting the charcoal on one end of the grill and then slowly move the torch across and through all the charcoal in the grill until it is all completely lit.

Caution: When lighting and handling burning charcoal, be aware that charcoal will pop and spark, sending off tiny sparks when being lit and while burning. The sparks are small bits of flaming charcoal that are quite hot and you will want to stand clear of the sparks in order not to have them land on you and cause small burns on your skin, clothes or surrounding burnable objects.

The GrillGun is principally designed to be comfortable to use and very effective in the close quarters of lighting a charcoal grill. The gas connection to the GrillGun is designed for you to either directly screw on a small portable one-pound propane bottle, or screw in the 8 foot hose that tethers you to a larger 20 or 30 lb propane tank.

While the creation of the GrillGun was and is expressly to enable charcoal-grill enthusiasts to be able to enjoy the instant satisfaction of lighting and sterilizing their charcoal their grill, the tool is very clearly a powerful that can be used for other responsible purposes. Starting outdoor chimineas, fireplaces, smokers, campfires, picnic grills, freestanding stoves, outdoor incinerators, controlled pasture burns, weed burning, ice melting are all well within the multitude of uses for the GrillGun.

A GrillBlazer Torch is the perfect “Father’s day” gift (or any other holiday day gift for that matter).

Never before has lighting your charcoal been so fast and so fun!