Guga - "Sous Vide Everything"  Rocks!

Guga - "Sous Vide Everything"  Rocks!

Guga - "Sous Vide Everything"  Knocks it out of the PARK!!

We were honored to be featured on the Sous Vide Everything Youtube Show featuring show host “Guga” which was released on May 27th 2019. If you are not familiar with the Sous Vide Everything show, we encourage you to check out his Youtube Channel and to subscribe to experience his epic quest for perfection. On that video release, Guga went above and beyond, featuring what is and in the future, will likely become his favorite charcoal starting and meat searing tools… the GrillGun. Although Guga has not yet had the chance to review the Su-VGun, I anticipate that when I have one available to send to him, he will use both of them in all his future videos, they are just that cool.

The host of the “Sous Vide Everything” YouTube channel, Guga, is an amazing and passionate man all about excellence in food. His passionate and playful way of educating and entertaining YouTubers while preparing hundreds of delicious “Sous Vide Everything” recipes,, has made him an icon, and the face of a top tier YouTube cooking channel. One of the most fun and exciting things about launching a business and running a Kickstarter campaign is meeting influencers. I only met Guga a little over a month ago after working with another YouTube Star, a fella named Troy Smith, who’s show is known as T-Roy Cooks! To some degree, YouTube stars appear pay attention to each other and share their experiences. Just such a thing happened that night with T-Roy was launching is world premier, debuting the GrillGun, when Guga took note. The rest is history.

Guga is the personality behind two of the most exciting food channels on YouTube, “Sous Vide Everything”, and “Guga Foods”. Both channels have grown to prominence with half a million subscribers in a very short time, about a year. The secret to his success is his playful informative, affable style, his happy spirit shows that he just loves to cook good food and show people how to do it. Food cooked Sous Vide (vacuum sealed bag cooking) is the principal method of food preparation on the Sous Vide Everything channel, and Guga shows you right then and there how to prepare some of the most succulent food available, and he just has fun doing it. He cooks food and people enjoy watching it. How GrillBlazer and the GrillGun fit into this story is that Guga liked the GrillGun so much following the T-Roy debut, that he created a special YouTube video that broke from his trademark food prep style.

He actually showed the GrillGun to his audience and showed them all about it and then encouraged them to go to my Kickstarter Campaign website and back my project, all in a very clever 7 minute YouTube video that would ultimately talk directly to his audience. An amazing thing happened, they loved it and they responded in larger than normal numbers. The difficult thing about launching a business through Kickstarter is that most people (99.9%) of people have never heard of Kickstarter nor would be interested in supporting a new company on the platform, even if they had heard of it. But that day was to be different. People flocked to the Campaign website, learned about Kickstarter and backed the project, all because of the Sous Vide Everything video on the GrillGun. See it here: The video is simply an amazing amazing and exciting video.

Everyone I know and have met enjoyed watching it. He talked about the grill gun and how it compares to his other searing torches he has. And it was just a kind of a fun and winning sort of video that encouraged his viewers to give it a try. So the Kickstarter campaign that I had launched and on Thursday, May 23rd, really came to life on Memorial Day, May 29th, when Sous Vide Everything, through its considerable weight behind it debuting that video. I just two days, it converted hundreds of people in to Kickstarter backers of the GrillGun and the Su-VGun. Now if you are reading this article to find out more about the two torches, then let me tell you about them both now to help you decide which one you would like to have, regardless of whether or not the campaign is still running at the time that you are reading this post.

The GrillGun was the first torch I designed. It was deliberately designed to throw 2 feet of very hot clean burning, very hot, fire out of the fire bell. It will light your charcoal or wood fired cooker in a matter of a minute or two, rather than the customary 30 minutes that it takes to get a charcoal grill hot enough to cook. You need that kind of heat to jet the job done in that short amount of time, and you need it to be at a safe distance away from you to keep you from being right in the middle of the spark shower that will erupt off of lump charcoal when lighting. The second torch I designed I called the Su-VGun which is built on the frame of the GrillGun, with two main differences.

The Sous Vide Gun is designed to be able to be used indoors and at counter top level on solid non-flammable surfaces such as stainless steel, granite or other stone surfaces. The barrel is 6 and a half inches shorter and the fire bell has been restricted to re-burn the fuel and focus the flame into a shorter 12-16 inch torch. The flame is VERY hot, and Very clean burning, so not only will you be able to sear food cooked sous vide, fast and efficiently, but you can also turn the flame way down low and still get the bright blue clean burning flame when you are doing something less demanding, such as creme brulee.

Both of the GrillGuns will start charcoal and sear meat better and faster than anything, The GrillGun is 22” long and it throws out 2’ of fire. You can safely stand back from a charcoal grill while lighting it with this kind of reach. I would just use the GrillGun outdoors on the grill regardless of whether you are just searing meat or starting charcoal. Likewise, I also would encourage you to use the Su-VGun exclusively to sear or caramelize food. Unless you are using charcoal briquettes on a small grill you shouldn’t use the Su-VGun to light charcoal. Is it hot enought to light charcoal… absolutely, it just not as safe.

The whole gun is only 14 inches long the fire is only 1 foot long. You just don’t want to be standing that close to the business end of the fire bell while lighting a charcoal grill, you just might get burned. Let me again offer my thanks and gratitude to Guga for throwing is support in my direction for the Kickstarter campaign.

He didn’t need to do that for his own business needs, but he took a risk on me is supporting the notion that these products will be made and will come to market when I say they will. In closing let me encourage everyone who reads this post that also likes charcoal grilling or searing food, to go to and check it out. Everything you need to know to get one of these beautiful babes, is right there. Thanks, Bob

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