2023 Bedlam Holiday Grill Gift Basket Giveaway

Enter our drawing for a deluxe basket filled with
specialty sauces, rubs, and fun holiday items!
• 2 etched Grillblazer Pilsner glasses
 filled with Brach’s Candy Corn
and Reasor’s Root Beer Float Taffy
• 2 Homenote grill spatulas
• Blue Hog Championship Blend barbeque sauce
• The Salt Lick Original BBQ Sauce
• Charleston Pig Company Gold Sauce
• Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Steak Seasoning
• Rendezvous Famous Seasoning - Memphis Original
• Zarda Steak BBQ Rub
• Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Ranch Seasoning Blend
• “Harvest Night” decorative dishtowel
• Golden-topped Acorn
• Plaid mini-pumpkins
• “Things of Fall” Sign
• Gobble-Gobble headband
• Hat brim woven basket