1 – GrillGun

  • A – Fire Bell
    • Where the Gas come out and turns to flame
  • B – Spark Electrode
    • WARNING: DO NOT TOUCH the ignitor electrode when you pull the trigger to ignite the GrillGun.  There will be an 18,000 volt charge on the wire which creates a spark inside the fire bell to ignite the flame. Touching the wire or electrode may cause the energy to go through you instead of though the electrode and it will hurt.  It is surprising, startling, and you will not want to do it again, because it will hurt, but it will not do any lasting physical damage. If you do make this mistake even after being forewarned, it’s on you. Seek medical attention if you feel you must, but we are in no way responsible for you doing foolish things..   
  • C – Gun Barrel
    • Fuel from the gas valve, and air from the air inlet holes mix in the barrel to make a lean combustible fuel mixture in the Fire Bell.
  • D – Diverter tube
    • The Diverter barrel houses and protects both the rotable fuel diverter that assists with fuel ignition, and the wire for the Ignitor electrode.that carries the electrical energy for the spark in the Fire Bell.
  • E – Venturi Air Inlet
    • Air inlet for mixing with propane fuel to make the combustible gas that powers the GrillGun

  • F – Gas Valve

    • Turning the knob on the top of this valve causes fuel to flow from the bottle though the barrel when rotated counterclockwise if the GrillGun is connected to a propane source.  Make sure to turn it all the way clockwise (to the right) when shutting off the fire gun.

  • G – Ring for hanging GrillGun on hook for storage
    • This ring is a convenient way to hang your gun on a convenient hook associated on or near to your charcoal grill.
  • H – Trigger Guard
    • Plastic barrier to protect the finger trigger
  • I – Finger Trigger
    • Trigger mechanism that rotates the diverter into place to ignite the fire gun and mechanism that fires the spark when fully pulled.
    • Pull and release the Finger Trigger to ignite the GrillGun.
  • J – Gun Handle
    • The Gun handle is the part of the grill gun that you hold onto while holding and using the gun.
  • K – Handle Squeeze Gas Pulse Valve
    • The handle valve is a high volume fuel flow bypass valve.  Squeeze this handle to bypass the fuel flow valve, forcing fuel into the barrel that doesn’t go through the fuel valve.
    • WARNING: Pulling this squeeze trigger will cause to flow into the Fire Bell even if the regulated fuel valve is turned off.  AGAIN; Even if the fuel valve is turned off, pulling this squeezed trigger will cause propane to bypass the valve and flow in high volume through the Fire Bell.  Pulling this trigger is how you pulse high amounts of fuel into the combustion chamber in the Fire Bell giving the GrillGun the ability to be set on low flame and pulse high energy fire when you want it.
  • L – Squeeze Handle Lock-out lever
    • Prevents unintentional squeezing of the handle bypass valve.
    • Depress the lock-lever with your little finger “pinky” to release the squeeze handle so that it may operate.
  • M – Gas Connector
    • Brass Connector that you screw either a propane bottle on to or the 8′ fuel hose
  • N – Propane Bottle (not Included)
    • A 1 lb propane bottle fits on the bottom of the GrillGun and allows it to be portable.
    • You should make a habit of disconnecting your propane from the GrillGun when you are finished using it and putting away your grilling supplies.  This will help unexpected or authorized use of the GrillGun by people who should not be using a high power torch.


2 – Bottle Stand

  • Propane Bottle Stand
    • When the propane bottle is attached to the GrillGun, the bottle stand makes a convenient place to set upright your GrillGun before and after using it, especially when the Fire Bell is hot and needs to kept off and away from combustible surfaces or wood like surfaces that will easily mark with the hot steel of the Fire Bell directly after use.

3 – 8′ Adapter Hose

  • 8’ hose adapter hose to connect to large propane bottle
    • Hose that connects the GrillGun directly to a 20 lb or 30 lb propane fuel tank.
    • ADVISORY: It is a good practice to disconnect your GrillGun and put it away when not in use.  At the very least you should disconnect if from the hose or turn off the propane from the bulk tank when not in use, if there is any chance that unauthorized people may come across your GrillGun and may want to play with it or create some sort of mischief.


Operating Instructions

See Operating Instructions in “How it Works” to see learn how to properly and safely operate the GrillGun.